Southern California Water Recycling Initiative

This effort is associated with the Southern California Comprehensive Water Reclamation and Reuse Study. This cooperative effort is a partnership of the following agencies: the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the California Department of Water Resources, Central Basin and West Basin Municipal Water Districts, City of Los Angeles, City of San Diego, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, San Diego County Water Authority, SAWPA, and South Orange County Reclamation Authority.

Follow up activities include a programmatic EIR/EIS for the short term implementation plan, a regional evaluation of regulatory issues facing projects, regional salinity management opportunities, and Year 2010 to 2020 implementation plans. This activity supports regional water reclamation planning and implementation of facilities using 50% federal funding. The following tasks are in progress:

  • Complete Programmatic EIR/EIS

  • Complete regional evaluation of regulatory issues facing projects

  • Complete regional evaluation of salinity management opportunities

  • Complete 2010 to 2020 implementation plans

In July, 2002, the Southern California Comprehensive Water Reclamation and Reuse Study (Phase II) Final Report was published. Phase I included data collection and analytical model development leading to examination of the feasibility of a single regional water recycling project crossing watersheds and hydrologic basins in southern California. In Phase II, the focus shifted to the evaluating the feasibility of a number of basin-specific, multi-agency regional and single-agency geographically localized recycling projects. Much of Phase I has become outdated, and the final report focuses on Phase II, but represents the “final report” of the entire process.

Executive Summary

Final Report

Appendix C – Short Term Implementation Plan