San Jacinto River Watershed Council

The San Jacinto River Watershed Council is a non-profit organization of community groups, tribal, farming, dairy, water agencies, government agencies, businesses, and all interested stakeholders working cooperatively to address problems in the San Jacinto watershed. Their goal is to provide educational, scientific, and technical assistance that will help sustain, restore, and enhance the natural resources of the San Jacinto River basin, while promoting long-term social and economic vitality to the region.

San Jacinto River Watershed Council

San Jacinto River Watershed Council

The San Jacinto River Watershed Council achieves this through partnership building, enhancing communication among the private and public sectors, gathering and organizing scientific information and research about the basin, and providing outreach to all stakeholders.

The benefits of supporting the San Jacinto River Watershed Council include but are not limited to:

  • Coordination of effective Total Maximum Daily Limit (TMDL) water quality regulations.
  • Applying for grants only available to non-profit organizations that will help address water resource and water quality problems.
  • Coordination of other regional studies and their impacts such as the Army Corps of Engineers Special Area Management Study and the Integrated Riverside County Plan.
  • Assisting development of pollutant trading models.
  • Assisting development of studies that examine land use practices.
  • Support of multi-user efforts near Mystic Lake.
  • Assist development of strategies to control nutrients negatively impacting water bodies.

Water is a critical natural resource for our future and for all future generations.

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Additional information can be obtained by contacting:

Pat Boldt, San Jacinto River Watershed Coordinator