The Water-Energy Community Action Network (WE CAN) is a program supported by the California Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to help the people of California adapt to climate change and mitigate their carbon emissions. This program supports low-income communities as they seek water and energy savings.

It is well documented that historically marginalized communities are most vulnerable to climate change impacts, and though often already very efficient with resources, are also least able to adapt to the changing conditions.

WE CAN is currently accepting applications for free lawn replacement in the City of Riverside’s Eastside neighborhood.


WE CAN actualmente está aceptando solicitudes para la sustitución gratuita del césped en el barrio de Eastside de la ciudad de Riverside.

WE CAN was first developed by SAWPA in 2014 and has been successfully implemented in several areas within the Santa Ana River Watershed. Previous rounds of WE CAN provided two main program components in the Santa Ana River Watershed at no cost to the resident: Free Water Fixture Replacement and Free Lawn Replacement. Currently, free lawn replacement is being offered in partnership with Riverside Public Utilities for Riverside’s Eastside residents.

Highlights of WE CAN

Turf & Water-Fixture Replacement

No Cost to Residents

Expands Existing Conservation Programs

Private, Public, Community Outreach Partners

Benefit Overburdened Communities

Highlights Water-Energy Nexus

Problems to be Solved

Energy and Water Use in California


About 19% of all energy in California is used to move, treat, and heat water.


In Southern California, up to 30% of all household water is wasted from inefficient outdoor watering.


Turf grass is the number one crop by acre grown in the USA, yet is often purely ornamental and doesn't feed anyone.


Residents can improve their water efficiency by up to 60% by installing efficient appliances and by replacing turf lawns with native or drought-tolerant landscapes.