Future Funding Opportunities

Proposition 1, Round 2


The One Water One Watershed Proposition 1 Round 2 Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) funding process is now beginning as the State has released the Round 2 draft grant guidelines in December, 2021. To receive updates about participating in the OWOW workshops and Call for Projects, please join the OWOW Mailing List (see link on right of this webpage).

OWOW Round 2 Recent Workshops

OWOW Call for Projects Process

Use the following Google Drive folder to access project applications, comments posed to the applicants, and agendas for upcoming workshops. If you sign up for the OWOW mailing list (see instructions to the right), you will be notified of updates during the OWOW Call for Projects process including workshop attendance information.

OWOW Project Submission Database

Use the OWOW Round 2 database to submit new projects for Round 2 grant funding and/or for inclusion into the OWOW Plan Update 2018 (the Santa Ana Funding Area’s IRWM plan): https://www.sawpa.net/prop1r2/main.htm

Frequently Asked Questions and Project Submission Assistance

Use the OWOW Round 2 database to find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and SAWPA staff contacts to assist you throughout the OWOW Round 2 process: https://www.sawpa.net/prop1r2/main.htm

Proposition 1, Round 1


SAWPA received approximately 160 projects through the Round 1 Call for Projects, 30 of which requested Proposition 1 Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) funding. 10 projects were recommended for funding to DWR by the OWOW Governance.

Past OWOW Project Submission Database for Round 1

The following database was used in the OWOW Round 1 process, which closed on January 31, 2018. Use this database to view previously submitted projects and if you have edits, please follow the instructions listed: https://www.sawpa.net/OWOW2018/main.htm.

OWOW Mailing List

Please join the OWOW mailing list to be notified of updates or changes.

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