Upper Reach IV-B Maintenance Access Structures MAS

Value: $238,300.00 Contractor: Caliagua, Inc. Construction Designer: SAWPA Staff Consulting Schedule: November 2011 – January 2011

Approximately 8,000 feet of the upper section of Reach IV-B of the Inland Empire Brine Line was designed as an inverted siphon with no access. A significant amount of scale had been building up in this section of the pipeline. SAWPA constructed eight Maintenance Access Structures between Pierce Street and Sampson Avenue to allow assessment and maintenance of previously inaccessible sections of the Brine Line. All Maintenance Access Structures consist of a ductile iron tee fitting with a blind flange. Some of the Maintenance Access Structures are retrofitted with blow-off valves to allow draining the inverted siphon prior to any maintenance activities. An additional Maintenance Access Structure was constructed near Temescal Channel to allow access to a section of the pipe with sharp horizontal bends.