Brine Line Projects

Upper Reach IV-B Maintenance Access Structures MAS

SAWPA constructed eight Maintenance Access Structures between Pierce Street and Sampson Avenue to allow assessment and maintenance of previously inaccessible sections of the Brine Line.

Mission Tunnel Repairs, Reach IV-D

Repair minor defects discovered in the approximately 2,000 foot long Mission Tunnel located along Reach IV-D in unincorporated Riverside County.

Reach IV-B Joint Repairs and Re-establish Maintenance Road

Repair portions of Reach IV-B located within the inundation area upstream of Prado Dam.

Brine Line Reach V Maintenance Access Structure

Install a new maintenance point providing access to the interior of the pipeline to conduct activities such as closed circuit television inspection of the pipe and pipeline cleaning.

Brine Line Relocation at Prado Dam

Relocated the Brine Line at Prado Dam to eliminate conflicts with new facilities installed by the Corps of Engineers during the raising of the Dam.