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Truckers, or Liquid Waste Haulers, are permitted commercial salty wastewater haulers that disposes of salty wastewater at one of the four Brine Line Collection Stations from our indirect dischargers. Click here to find a complete list of permitted salty wastewater haulers.


If you are trucker that is interested in becoming a permitted salty wastewater hauler use the following documents:


Resolution No. 2020-06 Establishing the Rates (For the Treatment and Disposal of Non-Reclaimable Wastewater, Temporary Domestic Wastewater, Collection Station Discharges, and Charges for Suspended Solids and Biochemical Oxygen Demand) in the Inland Empire Brine Line and Rescinding Resolution No. 2019-05 (Effective 7/1/2020)

Resolution No. 2017-11 Establish Local Permit Limits and Best Management Practices Requirements

Resolution No. 2018-14 Brine Line Capacity Purchase Price Establish Purchase Price for Treatment & Disposal Rights in the Inland Empire Brine Line (Effective 12/18/18)

Resolution No. 295 Establish Price for Purchasing Discharge Rights (7/8/97)

Resolution No. 299 Authorizing Emergency Discharges of Qualified Wastewater into the Brine Line

Ordinance No. 8 Establish Regulations for Use of the Inland Empire Brine Line (Effective 9/19/2017)


For further information, please contact us by sending an email to